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Best Toilet Brands of 2022 | Our Top Picks


With all the best toilet brands available, you would think finding a toilet would be easy. However, it’s not. With the myriad of options, many users find it difficult and overwhelming to choose a toilet, especially beginners. Aside from the brand, one must be mindful of certain factors when purchasing one such as the flush mechanism or water consumption, and the like.

Toilets are one of the most underrated things found in a home. It’s a necessity to have, yet people often overlook it for various reasons. Aside from being a necessity, purchasing a good model will bring a lot of benefits. For one, you’ll get one that can last for ages. Plus, modern toilet designs are attuned to the user’s style and comfort which gives it a personal and customized touch.

However, you don’t have to worry. To help you out, this guide will feature some well-known toilet brands as well as some of their best toilets. With this, you’ll get a grasp of what to look for.

Top 5 Toilet Brands on the Market 2022

  • TOTO
  • WoodBridge
  • Kohler
  • American Standard
  • Niagara

Top 5 Best Toilet Brands 2022


One of the most popular brands, TOTO is a company known for producing high-end toilets with amazing features. Their toilets are functional and feature a practical design. As such, many users have purchased and enjoyed this company’s toilets. Some even say that they produce the best toilets in the industry.

In fact, this Japanese company even produced an automated, hands-free toilet that features integral seat warmers back in 1993. Today, TOTO continues to innovate and produce high-tech and modern toilets that can accommodate various needs.

Best Toto toilet : TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultramax

TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultramax ADA...
  • Eco UltraMax Cotton One Piece Elongated Toilet with E-Max Flush System and...

The TOTO Eco Ultramax toilet comes in a classic and sleek appearance. Coming in white, it adds an elegant touch to your bathroom. It’s also compact so that it won’t take up much of the space.

What I like about the TOTO Eco Ultramax toilet is its flushing mechanism. With a 3-inch pilot-operated valve and an extra-large siphon, this toilet ensures a consistently powerful flush. As such, the toilet can effectively clean everything out.

This flush mechanism also enables the Eco Ultramax toilet to conserve water per flush. As such, it’s a great choice for those who are eco-conscious. Moreover, despite its power, the toilet flushes with less noise compared to similar models.

Another thing I like about the TOTO Eco Ultramax toilet has the SanaGloss technology. This gives the toilet a special coating that prevents any debris, mold, or bacteria from sticking into its surface. As such, this smooth surface gives your toilet an immaculate look. Plus, you wouldn’t have to clean it as often.

The TOTO Eco Ultramax toilet is also easy to install. It comes with its own items such as the lever, fittings, seat and tank cover. With this, you can save on additional costs as you wouldn’t have the need to purchase these items separately.

On the downside, some users find the TOTO Eco Ultramax toilet a bit smaller compared to similar models. But overall, it is one of the most efficient toilets around.



Woodbridge supplies and distributes bath and kitchen products. They offer superior yet affordable products to consumers through the years. The name WoodBridge is synonymous with performance and quality. WoodBridge is one of the largest distributors of these products in the USA. You can count on it when it comes to high-performing flooring, bathroom, and remodeling products. If you are looking for a toilet upgrade, you might want to consider Woodbridge as one of the choices. Below is an excellent toilet from this brand.

Some even find WOODBRIDGE toilets to be the best flushing toilet in the market.


WOODBRIDGE One Piece Toilet with Soft...
  • [CHAIR HEIGHT DESIGN]:WOODBRIDGE chair height toilet not only meets ADA...
  • [EASY TO CLEAN]:With a completely smooth, easy to wipe down surface. With...
  • [Chrome BUTTON]:A timeless, sophisticated and flattering Chrome-plated top...

The WOODBRIDGE T-0019 comes in a modern and luxurious design that will look good in any bathroom. Coming in a white color, your toilet will blend perfectly well.

What I like about this product is that it comes with a powerful flushing system, being a dual flush toilet. With a large siphon and valve, the WOODBRIDGE T-0019 toilet can remove huge wastes in a flush.

Moreover, being a dual flush toilet, it also enables the user to save on water consumption. You can choose between a half or full flush. In fact, the half flush only uses about 1.0 GPF while the full flush only consumes 1.6 GPF.

This flushing mechanism is also silent which adds further convenience.

Another thing I like about the WOODBRIDGE T-0019 toilet is that it’s easy to clean. Since it’s a one-piece design, the toilet doesn’t have any corners or grooves which is prone to gathering dirt, dust, and other debris. With this, it eases the cleaning process.

It also features glazing that prevents any dirt and debris from sticking into it. As such, you wouldn’t face the hassle of constantly cleaning it.

The WOODBRIDGE T-0019 toilet is also comfortable. It comes in a comfortable height as well as a soft closing seat.

What I didn’t like about this toilet is that it’s a bit difficult to install since it’s a skirted toilet. But then, I liked the superb features that make it efficient and reliable. It is also longer lasting and requires less maintenance.

3. Kohler

In its inception, Kohler aimed to manufacture farm castings and implements. However, the company took a massive shift in 1873 and moved to produce bathroom fixtures after using a horse trough to make the first bathtub.

Since then, the company began tinkering and has produced numerous high-end bathroom furniture on the market.

While it may not be its specialty, Kohler has also produced a lot of effective and efficient toilets. Their dual flush toilets with a trip lever were well-received and loved by the public.

Best Kohler toilet: Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height...
  • One piece toilets integrate the tank and bowl into a seamless, easy to...
  • Compact elongated bowl offers added comfort while occupying the same space...
  • Comfort height: Feature offers chair height seating that makes sitting down...

Made of vitreous china, the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet features an immaculate and classic timeless look. This and its chrome trip lever add quite a nice touch to your bathroom. It also features a rounded look which makes it more compact and easier to clean.

What I like about the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is its AquaPiston flushing system. This, along with its elongated bowl, the toilet can effectively clean large amounts of waste in just a single, powerful flush.

Moreover, it only consumes 1.28 gallons of water per flush. As such, you can save on water consumption.

Another thing I like about the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is also very easy to clean. Due to its rounded shape, there are no corners nor grooves for the dirt and debris to latch into. However, unlike other toilets, the Santa Rosa toilet doesn’t feature any special coatings. But you can just use any standard toilet cleaners to do so.

In terms of installation, the Santa Rosa toilet is also quite easy and will only require minimal DIY skills. However, you need to purchase your own wax seal and sometimes new bolts and nuts.

On the downside, the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is sometimes prone to leaking. However, it’s an easy problem to fix due to Kohler’s excellent customer service and support. This toilet is also one of the most efficient around that you can count on for its long-term performance.

4. American Standard

American Standard has been in the toilet and bathroom industry since 1929. In fact, they are even recognized as one of the top brands of toilet manufacturers in North America.

This company is known for producing efficient and innovative toilet designs that can surely last a long time. American Standard offers a wide range of toilet designs, starting from the simple and utilitarian ones and moving onward to sophisticated and fully-automatic toilets. With this, many users can find the best toilet that can fit their needs.

Best American Standard toilet: American Standard 2886218.222 H2Option

American Standard 2886218.222 H2Option...
  • EverClean surface included at no extra cost
  • Siphon jet bowl technology with PowerWash rim provides optimal UHET...
  • Seats sold separately

The American Standard H2Option is a two-piece toilet made from vitreous china. Coming in white, the toilet gives off an elegant and timeless design that can fit in any bathroom. The toilet is also compact due to its rounded design. As such, it won’t take up a lot of space.

What I like about this product is that it features a dual flushing system. With this, you can save up on water as you can choose between the full or half flush. In fact, the half flush only consumes 1GPF while the full flush only takes 1.6 GPF. You can easily choose these via the push buttons on the tank.

Despite being a dual flush system, the American Standard H2Option toilet is still powerful due to its Siphonic flushing system. As such, it can effectively remove large wastes in just a single flush.

The American Standard H2Option toilet also features an EverClean surface. As such, you wouldn’t have a hard time cleaning.

Another thing I like about this toilet is that it’s easy to install. This is because the H2Option already comes with pre-installed grommets and bolts. As such, you can install it quick and easy. This also makes it easier for beginners to do.

On the downside, the product doesn’t meet the ADA specifications. As such, they cannot be fitted to new or refurbished restrooms for the public. But overall, this toilet is one of the most highly-rated toilets on the market for its innovative features.

5. Niagara

Established in 1977, Niagara is a diverse company known for producing green and water-reducing products. Aside from toilets, the company also manufactures lighting fixtures, bulbs, sealants, caulks, weatherization products, showerheads and aerators.

The company became popular when it produced the Stealth toilet in 2009. These toilets were known for being ultra efficient since it only consumes 0.8 gallons of water per flush. This success was followed with the Flapperless toilet which features a half-gallon bucket instead of a flapper.

From then on, the company became popular for their innovative and eco-friendly products.

Best Niagara toilet : Niagara Stealth 77001WHCO1

Made of vitreous china, the Niagara Stealth toilet gives off an elegant and classic look and comes in white. With this, the Stealth toilet can easily blend and fit well into any bathroom. With its elongated toilet, the Stealth toilet is compact and doesn’t take up lots of space.

What I like about this best toilet is that it has an amazing flushing system. For every flush, the Niagara Stealth toilet only consumes 0.8 gallons of water which is the lowest in the market. Because of this, the Niagara Stealth toilet is even dubbed as an ultra-high efficiency toilet.

Aside from this, the Stealth toilet provides a very quiet flush. This is perfect especially for those who don’t like the loud noise and for when you are using the toilet at night.

However, this does not in any way mean Stealth toilet is not effective. With its Siphoning system, the toilet can easily flush out large wastes in just a single flush.

Another thing I like about the Niagara Stealth toilet is that it features a comfortable height and seat. With this, you can easily attach this toilet into public restrooms since it complies with ADA certifications and standards.

On the downside, the Niagara Stealth toilet does not come with the necessary bolts and nuts to attach the toilet on the floor. As such, you’ll need to buy them yourself. But then, you can depend on this toilet for its superb features and performance.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing a New Toilet

If you’re in the market for a new toilet, you should look for the following characteristics when comparing toilet brands.

Bathroom size

The first thing you should consider when buying a toilet is the bathroom size, or more specifically, how much space is available for it. If it is too big, it will take up too much space and make the bathroom look crowded. On the other hand, if it is too small, your comfort and convenience will be compromised.

Type of flush

There are four common types of flushing mechanisms, including gravity-assisted models that are usually found in public restrooms, pressure-assisted models, double cyclone toilets, and vortex flushed models with paddle mechanisms. Each type uses water with varying degrees of efficiency, so it’s important to consider your options when making a purchase.

Flush noise

One of the main concerns when buying a new toilet is how loud it will be. Noise can range from low-pitched, low-frequency sounds that are barely noticeable, to the loudest toilets you’ve ever heard. Check out other factors to consider before making your final decision.

Ease of cleaning.

A clean toilet will save you money in the long run because it will use less water and your septic system won’t back up as often with feces and urine debris.

How Much Water Does It Use

Water efficiency is important to consider when buying a toilet because we are currently in an era where water conservation is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, it would be wise to choose a toilet that uses as little water as possible. This can be achieved by choosing a dual-flush toilet that has an Eco mode feature that allows users to save up to 70% of water during flushing process by using less water for liquid waste than solid waste flushing purpose.

 shape and size of a bowl

It is also important to consider the shape and size of a bowl before purchasing any type of toilet because they vary depending on their purpose as well as their manufacturer or brand name

FAQ Section:

What is the most reliable toilet brand?

The most well-known brand in the market is Kohler, which makes about 50% of all toilets. The company claims that they have created over 3,000 different designs among their 4-star collection alone.

Does a toilet brand make a difference?

The answer is yes. A toilet brand can affect your home’s resale value, your water efficiency, and even how your bathroom smells at any given time of day. To help you with the decision-making process, we’ve analyzed some of the top toilet brands on the market to help you make a sound decision for your home.

What is a better 1 or 2 piece toilet?

Advantages of the 2-piece toilet are that it continues to keep the toilet sealed tight, preventing possible leaks. It also makes cleaning easier. The 1-piece toilets are more expensive because it involves manufacturing the pan along with the tank for a single unit in one process.

Advantages of the 1-piece toilets are that they can often be installed in smaller bathrooms because it takes up less room than 2 piece models, and they tend to be more comfortable when sitting down.



Many might take it for granted, but having the best toilet is a must in any bathroom. With this, you’ll not only have a durable toilet, but you’ll also have one that is comfortable and one that matches your bathroom’s aesthetic. Purchasing a toilet depends on numerous factors. However, ultimately, it is always the user’s choice that will prevail.

Aside from looking at the usual considerations, one should also remember to evaluate if the toilet can meet most of the user’s needs. But with this guide, we hoped that we have helped your decision process a lot easier. You can get started and compare your options well based on the things that you are looking for your toilet to have. Good luck and happy shopping!





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