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TOTO Eco Ultramax Review


Why settle for just a compact toilet if you could opt for one of the more compact toilets? The TOTO MS854114ELG#01 may be just what you need for the solid features that make it a top choice among those looking for a smaller toilet to fit their space but without compromising the quality.

TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultramax ADA...
  • Eco UltraMax Cotton One Piece Elongated Toilet with E-Max Flush System and...

Sleek and classic appearance

The Eco Ultramax One Piece Toilet is one of the most beautifully designed toilets around to add elegance in your bathroom.

It is a cotton white toilet that adds an instant touch of classic appeal to it. If you’re looking for luxury and style while also saving space, you might want to take a look at the ADA Elongated toilet by Toto.

E-max low water consumption

To save water, you should be looking for a toilet that can offer low water consumption while ensuring power in each flush. It can make sure of water savings while also saving you time in flushing.

This item features a 4.8 LPF or 1.28 GPF siphon jet-flushing action that ensures you save water in every use. It is one of the things to find when looking for a new or replacement toilet.

It gives you peace of mind that you are also helping conserve water. Overall, the E-max feature is one of the most innovative solutions for toilets.


The efficient water use is one of the things that make this TOTO an eco-friendly toilet. So if you want to do your share to the environment, you might want to consider this TOTO MS854114ELG #01.

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Easy installation

Another thing that might make you interested to check out the TOTO toilet is its included hardware. It comes with a chrome-plated trip lever, fittings, tank cover and seat.

With these things, you don’t need to purchase them separately, and you can install the new toilet easier.

SanaGloss technology

When shopping around for one-piece toilets, another thing to check out is the ease of cleaning.

It is one of the features of this TOTO toilet that has the SanaGloss. It’s special glazing that can prevent any mold, debris or bacteria from sticking to the ceramic or the porous surfaces of this toilet.

With this glazing, you can cut the frequency and time that you need to clean your toilet. It works well in ensuring that your toilet stays clean and looking new. That said you could have peace of mind of using it for a long time.

The SanaGloss glazing also makes an ionized barrier that can help in creating that smooth toilet surface.

It helps in preventing any particles from adhering in the chinaware. In addition, it has a catalyzed barrier, repelling any particles away. Both these features create a ceramic finish in the toilet.

Ease of cleaning

Toto toilets also boast ease of cleaning. As you don’t need to clean very often, you don’t also have to use more chemicals, also meaning more savings and less use of harsh cleansers. It just also means using less water in the process of cleaning.

Other highlights…

It also offers a fast-flushing action for its wide three-inch valve that’s larger by 125%. This size is larger than traditional flush valves commonly only 2 inches in width.

By choosing the Toto Eco Ultramax, you can have peace of mind of saving more water with better flushing force. But that is not all because this item is with a fully glazed trap way, adding to the benefits to get from this one-piece toilet.

More so, you will love that it has a standard seat ADA height that can accommodate a wide range of user heights. It can ensure that even seniors and children will not have a hard time accessing the toilet.

Finally, this toilet adds luxury to your bathroom because it has a modern design and a sleek low profile.


  • SanaGloss to keep the surface clean
  • Lovely chinaware
  • E-Max low water consumption
  • Softclose seat included
  • Efficient flushing system
  • Sleek profile
  • ADA height
  • Fully glazed trapway


  • Complaints about slightly smaller bowl

FAQ Section

What’s so special about Toto toilets?

A Toto toilet is a high-efficiency, water-saving toilet that features a powerful and refined flushing system. The sound created by its powerful flush is enough to mask the noise of nearby running water, so it does not interfere with nearby conversations. The Ultramax has been shown to conserve more gallons of water than other toilets in the industry.

Are Toto toilets hygienic?

yes! This is because Toto toilets have a high-efficiency rating, and the Toto flushing cycle is sensitive enough to detect and eliminate bacteria, and the technology used in unparalleled

How long do Toto toilets last?

As compared to other toilets in the market, Toto toilets are durable because of their impressive craftsmanship, which makes them extremely resistant to wear and tear. Toto also offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers product defects under normal usage.

What are the advantages of Toto toilets?

Toto toilet is made up of premium quality materials that make it resilient against rust, leakage, wear and tear, and acid erosion. This ensures long-lasting comfort for your family.


The Eco Ultramax One Piece Toilet deserves a second look if you’re serious about finding a water efficient and powerful flushing toilet. While water efficient, it does not compromise the style.

This Toto toilet looks classic and elegant and matches any bathroom style and theme. Its cotton white color can complement your bathroom decoration and paint, too.

If you want a luxury toilet that does not leave out the moneysaving features, you should definitely consider this Eco Ultramax. It will not add on your water bills but reduce it for less water in each flush.

Overall, this toilet is innovative, elegant and efficient. It is one of the top choices to consider if you’re looking for quality and luxury at the same time. Check it out today!



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