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TOTO UltraMax II Review


The TOTO UltraMax II is one of the most popular toilets around. There is no doubt because it is loaded with the superior features and top of the line performance that makes it special. It has been a consistent top toilet in the category among those who want nothing but the best for their loved ones especially in terms of convenience.

Toto MS604114CEFG#11 Bathroom-Hardware,...
  • Sleek high profile one piece toilet
  • Universal height for maximum comfort: 16-1/8" rim height
  • Powerful, quiet flush every time

Universal height

The TOTO UltraMax II has a universal height, making it suitable for virtually all types of users including seniors and kids.

The universal height of the toilet allows for a comfortable seating position for most users. This one-piece toilet is also convenient to use and won’t become a hassle even for those who have mobility issues.


In addition, the TOTO UltraMax II is one of those with the sleekest design that you can count on, making it suitable to match your toilet decoration no matter what style it is.

In fact, this TOTO toilet may also be able to add aesthetic features to your bathroom.

The toilet will immediately add beauty to it once installed. In addition, it has a left-hand chrome trip lever along with a SoftClose seat.

Easy to clean

One of the main advantages of this toilet model versus others in the same category is is its ease of cleaning features. This TOTO UltraMax II will not just add beauty to your bathroom but also gives you the benefit of easier cleaning.

As it is a one-piece toilet, it cuts the cleaning time to spend versus two-piece toilets do. So if you don’t want to experience the hassle of spending a long time to clean the toilet, you might want to have a second look at the TOTO UltraMax II.

In addition, this toilet has eliminated the hiding place for debris and dirt. It removes the gap between the bowl and the toilet, a common problem in two-piece toilets. With it, you don’t need to worry about any leaks coming from the gaskets or bolts.

Powerful flushing

Just like the WoodBridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet, the TOTO UltraMax II offers an efficient and powerful flushing technology. It features a tornado flush that also saves much water in the end. With it, you don’t need to pay high on water utility bills.

This toilet has a hole-free rim design along with two nozzles. The innovative design is able to create a centrifugal washing action to assist in the bowl rinsing –and in a more efficient manner.

The tornado flush can reduce cleaning times and water usage, eventually reducing your spending on harsh chemicals.

Innovative glazing

The TOTO UltraMax II is one of the best around and for reasons that also include the CEFIONTECT. It is a superior glaze that works by preventing any particles from attaching to or adhering to the material of the toilet. In this case, this toilet can offer ease of cleaning undoubtedly.

Passing standards

The Ultramax II also passes standards. This product meets and ADA standards and complies with those. It is also compliant with EPA Water Sense as well as CALGreen and CEC requirements. Knowing of these things add to the peace of mind of customers looking for durable and quality toilets.

Other highlights….

Speaking of efficiency, this toilet offers 1.28 GPF, saving much water in the end. With it, you can really save much money while using a luxury toilet that adds beauty to your bathroom. There are also no holes in the rim that makes this item easier to clean and keeps it looking new.

It is also worth noting of the super smooth SanaGloss that keeps mold, debris and bacteria from sticking to the Chinaware. This feature keeps the toilet looking new longer. It also means you don’t need to use many chemicals in order to maintain the beauty of the toilet. In the process, you do not only save time but also water.

This item also has a colonial white color that adds to its beauty and elegance. You will appreciate the color that can match any current theme of your bathroom. With it, you can be sure of a better-looking toilet.



  • 1.28 GPF water efficient
  • Easier to clean one-piece toilet
  • No leaks and clogs
  • CEFIONTECT glazing
  • Tornado flush
  • Universal seat height
  • Meets quality standards


  • Installation can be tricky for first timers


Overall, the UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated is worth taking a look at if you want sure value for your money. It promotes water efficiency while not leaving behind style and aesthetics.

This product has a great design that matches your current bathroom decoration and theme. It is also with the quality that meets authority standards and is with the innovative CEFIONTECT glaze material.

If you’re looking for heavy-duty performance and luxurious style, you should take a second look at this toilet. Definitely, it is one of the best Toto toilets around. Check it out today!


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