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What are Toilet Seats Made Of?

This article is going to answer a very important question for all of you out there, and that is what are toilet seats made of? As you might have guessed, they are made almost entirely from plastic but nowadays you do get wooden toilet seats, lets go into more detail about this matter.

What are Toilet seats made of?

The normal toilet seat is made from plastic and usually comes in 5 colors black, white, brown, beige, and yellow. They are generally made from polyethylene plastic which is what all plastics are made from. It is normally very strong and durable. It is also very easy to clean because you can simply use water and soap to clean it, they are not really biodegradable like paper, but they can be recycled after you’ve finished with them.

Some Toilets are now made of wood due to a number of reasons including the fact that they are stronger, more secure, and have greater longevity. These wooden toilet seats are mostly secured by screws. The wood used is normally beech wood which has a fine grain so the seat will be fine to sit on, normally these toilet seats would have a plastic base.

Why are Toilets made from Polypropylene Plastic?

The answer to this would be that the plastic in toilets is made in order to be stronger than all the other plastics. Polypropylene is designed to withstand heat and cold, making it ideal for use in toilet seats. It is also easy to clean and comes in many different colors. Plastic Toilets seats last longer, so it saves you money!

Other Materials used to make toilet seats


Wooden toilet seats are only used in public toilets or luxury homes. It is made from beech wood. It has great longevity and is very hard-wearing. Wooden toilet seats are more luxurious and cost a bit more when compared to plastic seats. Most people opt for this material to add aesthetics to their bathroom


Fiberglass toilet seats are very strong, extremely secure, and also extremely hygienic. Unlike other plastic materials, they don’t absorb anything which makes them the most hygienic option for a toilet seat. They are mostly used in public toilets like stadiums or parks.


Ceramic toilet seats are made of clay which means that they are very hard and can withstand heavy objects like people or heavy amounts of water. They last long because the clay is naturally impervious to liquids!

Metal toilet seats are usually made of stainless steel, although you can also get them in aluminum. The steel and aluminum material is very strong and is mostly used in public toilets and jails! The metal toilet seat does not corrode because it has a protective coating. These types of seats are mostly used in a commercial environment.

What is the best material for a toilet seat?

The best material for a toilet seat is the plastic one is polypropylene. This is because it has the highest durability and is really easy to clean. They are also many different colors so you can choose the one that you like the most! This material is also comfortable and easy to sit on.

What are the different color options for a toilet seat?

A lot of toilet seats are available in white, black, cream, turquoise, beige browns, and creams. You can get them in almost any color you want so if you have a colored bathroom or even a colored room then you can have matching toilet seats.


The toilet seats are made from a number of different materials, however, plastic is by far the most common material. You can also get wooden seats, but they are a lot more expensive and only used for comfort. The main reason plastic is used in toilets is for strength and durability as it can withstand heat and cold.

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