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Woodbridge T-0001 Review


Woodbridge is slowly gaining popularity as a top toilet brand on the market. The company began operating back in 2005 and focuses on producing and selling high-end bathroom and kitchen products. One of such products is the Woodbridge T-0001. It is a luxurious toilet that comes with excellent design and impressive features. In this post, we will review the Woodbridge T-0001 and see if it lives up to Woodbridge’s claim of being one of the best one-piece toilets on the market.

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The Woodbridge T-0001 is a top toilet on the market due to several features. In this section, we will discuss some of these features.


Right out of the box, it is rather clear that this product comes with a different design from what you are used to. It comes with an elongated shape that serves several purposes.

First, the elongated design makes sitting more comfortable. And it has been discovered that a more comfortable sitting position helps with bowel movement and allows you to do your business faster and more conveniently.

Secondly, the elongated design makes flushing more efficient. An efficient flushing system has several advantages, chief of which is water conservation.

Aside from the elongated design, the Woodbridge T-0001 comes with a modern feel and a compact one-piece build. The one-piece construction is excellent for several reasons.

Firstly, it saves space, and it allows you to install the toilet quickly. Furthermore, since it comes in just one-piece, the chance of water leaking due to open gaps or joints is mostly eliminated.

The design of the bowl is impressive, as well. For folks that love to clean in a jiffy, the design of the bowl makes the Woodbridge T-0001 an excellent toilet. The bowl comes with well-designed contours that are super-easy to reach when cleaning the toilet.

Furthermore, the bowl is glazed over. Why is this great? It is because it prevents waste from sticking to the bowl. It makes it more comfortable to use and easier to clean.

Soft-shut Toilet seat

Several toilets come with seats that tend to be loud when closed. Not so with the Woodbridge T-0001. The soft-shut toilet seat ensures that no damage occurs to the bowl or lid by elimination slamming motions.

Woodbridge T-0001Dual-Flush

One of the main attractions of this toilet is the Dual-Flush feature. What is this feature?

Well, the Dual-Flush feature means that the toilet comes with two modes of flushing.

In one mode, half of the water in the reservoir is used. It is especially great for flushing liquid wastes. The second mode uses all of the water and is excellent for flushing solids.

It is excellent to have this feature for different reasons. Let’s see the advantages.

Saves cost

Since the first mode uses less water, your lower bill gets smaller

Saves water

Water conservation is the apparent benefit of the dual-flush mode. You end up using less water than before, which saves water and is excellent for the environment.

Fewer blockages

Dual-flush systems are highly efficient and more powerful than your average flushing system. As a result, it is quite rare to experience blockages.

Reduced maintenance

Because this system is more efficient, it is more comfortable to use and clean than regular toilets. And with regular cleaning comes less maintenance.

Siphon Flush technology

Another feature that makes the Woodbridge T-0001 a great toilet is the siphon flush technology. This technology makes flushing easier and quieter. When this feature is considered with the dual-flush mode, it is clear that the Woodbridge T-0001 is efficient and powerful.

Due to this technology, the toilet uses around 1.28 gallons of water on average every time you flush. On the other hand, toilets without this technology use up to 1.6 gallons of water at a go. That is a 20% increase! Imagine what a reduction in water use will do for the environment and your water bills.


Installation is super easy. With minimal DIY skills, you can install the Woodbridge T-0001. You do not even need to call the plumber to help you set it up. The instruction manual is easy to read and understand. Furthermore, it comes with a hand wrench.


While this toilet is relatively more expensive than several toilets on the market, the design, ease of use, and features make it worth the price. If you can afford it, then it will be one of the best additions to your toilet.


Pros of Woodbridge T-0001

  • Dual-flush modes save money and water
  • The siphon flushing system is powerful
  • Design is comfortable for elder or disabled people
  • Easy to clean

Cons of Woodbridge

  • Might be too high for children


Toilets are products that everyone uses; however, hardly does anyone talk about buying. If you are building a new home, or are looking to make renovations, then you should be thinking about the Woodbridge T-0001. It deserves a spot on our best toilet list as it comes with several impressive features that are ultimately designed for your comfort.


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