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Are Toilet Tanks Universal? ( Different Sizes Explained)

When you can no longer flush or a component of your toilet is broken, you might be needing a replacement for your toilet tank. At this point, you might be wondering whether just any kind of toilet tank in the market will fit properly.

So are toilet tanks universal? Or are there specifications to go by when purchasing a new one for installation? Just like other bathroom components, It’s pretty simple.

There is a need to identify the brand and the serial number of the Toilet Tank. With these two pieces of information, finding an exact replacement for your toilet tanks becomes a lot easier. This information can be located inside the toilet tank at the bottom. Hence, Toilet tanks aren’t universal, even though they serve pretty much the same function, as you might also want to take some measurements to be exactly sure of what you are getting.

Toilet tanks are very much ignored, We do not pay so much attention to them like the Toilet seat and the Toilet Bowl We sit on all of the time. Just in case, You are not so sure what a toilet tank is, It holds the water that flushes away your waste. We keep our brush and Sponge case on the Toilets Tanks so times and use them as Shelves.

What is my toilet tank type?

There are a few different types of Toilet Tanks you need to know about so you can identify yours and find an easy replacement for them.

  • Pressure assisted mechanism
  • Dual Flush mechanism
  • Gravity mechanism

The Dual Flush Toilet Tank:

comes with two buttons at the top center. One of the buttons takes care of simpler wastes, while the other button takes more solid wastes. It also helps conserve water and not flush with so much water where not necessary. It is pretty popular, and there is a high chance you are using it, although it is pretty structured like the Gravity Toilet Tanks.

The Gravity Toilet Tank:

is very common to many households, and as the name implies, It requires the force of gravity to function. The handle is pushed, and there is an opening within the tank through which the water pours out into the Sewer line.

The Pressure Assisted Toilet Tank:

has holes like the Gravity Toilet Tank, but it requires some pressure. It has a single unit that pushes water down the sewer line when it is filled up.

Toilet tank replacement

Taking down some measurements

To do this properly, You need measuring tape, a pen, and a piece of paper. You will need to measure the Depth, Length as well as Width of the tank. You should also ensure to take notice of the measurement for the Pipes and fixtures, so they fit correctly with the new tank; otherwise, you might be changing them as well.

The Bolts are not also left out. They are there to prevent leakage, so it is necessary to get the ones that fit in just right. They are often a standard, and there is not so much to worry about; they are usually 1/4th inch in most cases.

Toilet Tank Levers

One of the Toilet issues you can experience is a messed-up switch. Toilet tank levers assist you with enacting the flushing system. You utilize the levers consistently. This makes them inclined to break or need substitutions. There are a few kinds of toilet tank levers from which you can pick.

The essential thought is the kind of lever you use. Along these lines, the best thing is to go to the store ready. Oblige your wrecked lever, so you can rapidly get the right lever that works. Then again, you can take pictures, assume just in case the handle becomes challenging to remove.

How much does it cost to fix a toilet tank?

At the point when you need to supplant a toilet tank, you should contact a Plumber. Plumbers have what it takes to do a perfect job and not imprint your wall. This lessens the number of costs you might cause.

Changing a tank utilizing an expert can be reasonable. Your all-out cost will rely upon whether or not there are other inner parts to be replaced. P.S: If your tank is all you want to change, the cost might even fall a little underneath expectations.

Where can I buy new toilet tanks?

Concerning brands, you’ll quite often need to go with the brand that made the other parts of the toilet you’re fixing. Yet, assuming you need some additional direction on the top Toilet brands available, here’s a short rundown of the significant Makers.

  • AquaSource
  • Sterling
  • Glacier Bay
  • Kohler
  • ToTo
  • American Standard

Final Thoughts

Toilet inconveniences can be irritating, generally when it occurs so out of nowhere. This is the reason you want to give ordinary consideration to your Toilet Tanks and other units. Having a legitimate upkeep culture will assist you with remaining ahead and knowing when there is a requirement for change. It will likewise assist you with working on the life expectancy of everything else.

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