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Best Composting Toilet 2022 | Our Top Picks and Buyer’s Guide

The best composting toilet 2022 is a self-contained unit that is not connected to the sewer or septic system. This toilet works by breaking down, dehydrating and converting human waste into compost, which is later added to soil.

Recreational vehicles, travel trailers, mobile homes, cabins, boats, campers, buses and trucks often use this system due to its portability and convenience of use.

People who are living off-grid or frequently go camping can also take advantage of this toilet that can turn human waste to compost and keep their surroundings clean.

As it does not also require any connection to the septic or sewer, there is no additional work before use of the toilet. Finally, the toilet is portable to bring and use anywhere.

There is nothing more to ask for if you’re looking to get these benefits from a toilet. But then, there are many composting toilets on the market, making it hard to select the right one that has the solid and useful features to consider.

If you’re in the same boat and overwhelmed to decide which composting toilet to select, check out the following reviews and things to know about this system.

Top 3 Best Composting Toilets 2022

1. Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet

Nature's Head Dry Composting Toilet with...
  • Hand crank agitator in base for fast composting
  • User friendly
  • Easy installation

Coming with a standard crank handle for added portability and ease of use, Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet is a top-rated product in the category that does not fail to impress.

We liked its innovation, which is suitable for mobile home living, camping and outdoor adventures. For one, the self-contained toilet offers a waterless operation and urine diverting function. It allows for a wide range of applications, which users can rely on.

Those looking for a reliable solution for use anywhere without any hassles so that they can enjoy their activities rather than worrying about where to use a toilet especially in camping grounds and survival applications, such as off-grid living.

We also noticed that the best composting toilet is lightweight and compact. It works so well without actually hindering in outdoor activities. You can just position it properly where you intend to, and then forget it is there.

In addition, the Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet is made with a stainless steel hardware and tough construction, ensuring long-lasting performance and use. This one can definitely deal with any harsh conditions.

It is also a complete package, including a hand crank agitator, a five-foot vent hose, a 12V power plug and a bottle cap, for easy and quick installation.


2. Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC 12V Urine...
  • Waterless and odorless toilet for on and off grid
  • High quality, made in Sweden, 5 year warranty
  • Typical installation parts included

This Villa 9215 is a new replacement for the older Villa models introduced last year in the USA. The latest addition to the list of the best composting toilets is innovative and offers a trouble-free operation.

One of the advanced features of this Villa 9215 composting toilet is its versatility for use in a host of applications, which include off-grid living, camping and RV living. This toilet is also able to offer a urine diverting and waterless operation that makes it convenient to use.

It can also operate on DC power from a solar application or battery or AC power from an on-grid or standard household power. Part of its solid features is a single-speed fan plus adaptors available for both DC and AC power, supporting efficient venting up to 20 feet.

We also noticed its completeness. Villa has included all the things needed for direct drain and vent application.

Every purchase also comes with a waste container with lid, 10 compostable bags and a child seat, which is available as an accessory. It also has a great design because it can catch urine in a drain, which can later be plumbed to a gray water system.

Overall, the Separett Villa 9215 is an ideal choice if you’re looking for compact and solid features from a composting toilet that you can bring along while camping or in off-grid living.


3. Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting...
  • No one - and I mean no one - will beat my customer service and individual...
  • Easy to install by any reasonably handy person.
  • Absolutely No Odor. No Maintenance. 5 Year Warranty.

Nature’s Head is a trusted brand for composting toilets because of its innovation and quality. One of its latest offerings, which prove to be a great choice for many mobile home owners, is its Self-Contained Composting Toilet.

The composting toilet comes with a close quarters’ spider handle design, which makes it easy to transport and use. When shopping around for one, you should be considering this factor to ensure trouble-free use on the road land or water.

This head was designed and built to deal with harsh marine or RV conditions. It can be used anywhere a toilet is needed especially in places where there is no water or electricity supply. It is ideal for applications, including in vacation cabins, yurts, barns, trucks and workshops, too.

It also has a design that can eliminate foul odors. The toilet won’t emit the foul odor that usually comes with holding tank systems. It is possible for its low volume air circulation fan that can recycle the air in the bathroom, ensuring a nice smelling environment.

Overall, the full-sized elongated seat toilet is for you if you’re looking for one that is made with rugged materials and design. It comes with an all-stainless hardware, which makes it reliable for all types of environments.


The Pros of Owning a Composting Toilet

There are more reasons than one to own a composting toilet especially if you’re into camping, off-grid living or RV camping.

It can also be for you if you are looking to use a toilet in a marine environment and any other place where electrical or water supply isn’t available. In the following, let’s check out the top reasons it will be advantageous to have a composting toilet.


On the market, including the top three products we’ve featured above, are coming with sleek and minimalistic design. They can fit any bathroom without any hassles.

Foul odor

You won’t have to deal with it by using a trouble-free toilet that has an innovative design, including an exhaust fan used in circulating the air to prevent bad smell in the bathroom.

Plus, if you maintain the toilet well, you don’t have to worry much about smell.

Water consumption savings

You can save about 30,000 liters of water annually with this toilet. That also means savings on water utility bill.


These toilets do not have an environmental impact and can help you reduce dependence on sewage systems requiring chemical use to treat sewage.

Installation cost

This toilet requires less than the amount needed in installing a traditional household toilet.

Energy consumption

The toilet can be connected or hooked up to a solar panel application in order to operate the exhaust fan that works by evaporating the liquid waste.


You don’t have to think about much maintenance because the best composting toilet only has a few parts or components.


Great composting toilets are built for portability and have lightweight. They are also compact and solid to fit a premium space.

There you have some of the key benefits of having a composting toilet in your mobile home, bus, camper, boat, vacation home or truck. If you want to find the best one among them, be able to compare the features and functions and select the right toilet for you.


How Does It Work?

Composting toilets work in an easy and straightforward manner. One makes use of natural evaporation and decomposition process to recycle and turn human waste into compost that can be added to the soil, which can take advantage of nutrients for better nourishment.

The waste that enters the toilet is more than 90% water. It will be evaporated and taken back to the air through its vent. Then, the solid waste materials, which are now dehydrated, are converted into compost or fertilizer for the soil.

Again, it is done through a natural evaporation or decomposition process. It is one of the reasons that this toilet system is chosen by people that want to save the environment because it doesn’t leave an impact to the environment. It uses a natural process that can control the surroundings in the composting chamber.

The composting toilet can ensure a total waste decomposition and an odor-free operation because it can balance the elements, including organic materials, moisture, heat and oxygen to ensure a good aerobic bacteria environment in order to transform human waste into a fertilizing soil.

This toilet system can decompose human waste properly, so the end products it produces don’t contain viruses and pathogens, which are destroyed by the bacterial breakdown.

The fertilizer produced can be added to the soil or be placed around the base of trees or on the plants. It conserves local water quality and reduces commercial fertilizer use.

Overall, the composting toilet works in a straightforward manner without any hassle. It can preserve the environment and local water quality and supply. The composting toilet also reduces commercial fertilizer requirements as well as electricity and water consumption. If you’re looking to reap these benefits and more, you might want to consider getting a compositing toilet for your boat, cabin, truck, mobile home, bus, recreational vehicle, off-grid home or anywhere electricity or water is unavailable.


How to Choose the Best Composting Toilets

Now, we’re down to the things to consider when finding the best toilet for off-grid living, camping, recreational vehicle living or marine applications. Let’s discuss them and later be able to compare what you have to weigh when choosing the right composting toilet for your needs and situation.

Central or self-contained units

Simply put, the self-contained toilet is one that connects to itself while the central unit connects to a larger tank in another location. If you’re looking for ease of use, you should go for the self-contained unit. It is ideal for smaller locations and groups.

On the other hand, you might want a central unit if you belong to a larger group because it can hold and process a larger amount of waste at a time. However, you might want a self-contained toilet if you have no additional tank or you don’t want that kind of setup.

Care and maintenance

Standard toilets don’t require much maintenance but keeping the bowl clean all the time can be the pretty basic cleaning you can do for it. On the other hand, you need to do more than that with a composting toilet.

For one, you have to remove the compost regularly to ensure it’s working properly. Or else, it will overflow and cause a mess. More so, you have to inspect the connection if your toilet is running on electricity; otherwise, the toilet will malfunction.

Installation ease

A composting toilet needs proper sealing, or leaks will be an annoyance and trouble. You might want to go for a self-contained unit, which proves to be easier to install than a central unit is. The self-contained unit can just be anchored in place with its ventilation pipe installed, too. It is one of the reasons that this toilet system is better when it comes to installation ease.


How much waste can it hold without overflowing? That refers to its capacity, which must depend on how often you’re using the toilet and how many people are using it.

You might want a smaller toilet if you’re using it for a hunting or camping cabin that you don’t frequent often and if a smaller number of people are going to use it. However, a larger capacity toilet should be chosen if more are using it in an area of residence.


If you intend to use the toilet anywhere, you might want to go for a lighter one, even if they’re quite more expensive than other heavier models are. However, take note that a heavy unit can be much harder to bring in a space upstairs in a camp or cabin.



Finding the right toilet is no easy task. There are so many of them from different brands and with unique features. But it can be if you know what to look for, including installation ease, weight, type of composting toilet, capacity and care and maintenance.

You should also consider other features you deem important based on your situation and needs (large group, small space and other things).

To get started, you might want to begin comparing and weighing your options based on the above list of the top composting toilets out on the market now. They’re from trusted brands and well reviewed by customers worldwide. Get your best composting toilet today!


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