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The Best Corner Toilets to Optimize Space In Your Bathroom

Corner toilets are compact toilets with triangle-shaped tanks and are installed in the corners of bathrooms.

This article contains detailed reviews of some of the best corner toilets currently available followed by a buying guide to help you decide what kind of a corner toilet would suit your needs the most. But before we delve into all of this, let’s first go over why a corner toilet is a useful investment.


Advantages of a Corner Toilet

Whether you install a one-piece corner toilet or a two-piece unit, you will enjoy various benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a corner toilet, even if you think your bathroom is spacious.

Space Saving

Due to its unique position and projection from the walls, a corner toilet takes much less space than an American, standard toilet. This is not only an easy solution for small bathrooms that feel cramped due to the lack of space, but also gives the chance to add decorative items in the bathroom to further enhance its look. Also, you can add bathrooms to small, unused areas in your house if you install a corner toilet.

And sure, a wall hung toilet also takes less space than a standard toilet but it comes with its own set of construction difficulties, requires the wall to be renovated, and the installation costs are high.

Maximize Floor Area

With a corner toilet, you will have more space to move in the bathroom and make the most out of the additional space. With this extra space, you can easily stand near sinks or dressing tables, and it can be particularly useful when you’re changing clothes. No more awkward, off-balance attempts at wearing your trousers in a cramped, little space!


On the same note, if you have plans to renovate your bathroom but can’t go through with them because of space constraints, a corner toilet will solve that problem for you. This way, you will have additional space in the bathroom and you wouldn’t need to tear down any walls or require additional space for your renovations plans, such as adding a bathtub or increasing your shower space.

Style Statement

Corner toilets are becoming increasingly trendy and give a very modern, open look. Many people do not like their toilets being located at important locations in the bathroom which can be better utilized, so such a toilet sitting compactly in one corner can help clear space for other useful items. You can even match your corner toilet with a matching corner basin to make a fancy style statement.


Best Corner Toilets

Based on the above-mentioned features, below are our top picks for the best corner toilets:


Signature Hardware 443130 Braeburn Two-Piece Chair Toilet

Signature Hardware 443130 Braeburn 1.28...
  • Two-piece configuration allows for easier access to the area around the...
  • Installs in a corner floor mounted configuration
  • Included matching seat features soft close hinges

This Signature Hardware toilet is one of the best sellers at Amazon and is categorized under the high-end corner toilets currently available. However, the features of this two-piece, round toilet more than make up for its price. This one can fit very well in a short, narrow space and can be comfortably used.

This model weighs 95 pounds which is above average weight for such toilets. This is due to its high-quality construction and design. Made from vitreous china, one of the best materials for toilet construction, this product is built to last. The toilet seat height is 16 inches which puts this model in the category of compact and small toilets.

The water usage of a toilet is measured in gallons per flush (GPF) and this toilet has the lowest GPF on our list. With just 1.28 gallons water used in a single flush, this is arguably the best option if you’re looking for a highly water-efficient flushing system. This flushing power can easily clean and flush all waste without wasting any water, which will eventually bring down your water bill. You should also know that generally, 1.6 GPF is considered very efficient but this model steps up even more in terms of water efficiency.

The color and finish of this product are both white. The matching seat which is included with this product has soft, closed hinges for the soft closing of the toilet seat. Also, this toilet is floor mounted and is very simple to install. You can clearly follow its installation guidelines without having to consult a technician or call for help.


Renovator’s Supply Sheffield Corner Two-Piece Toilet

Renovators Supply Sheffield Corner...
  • DURABLE MATERIAL - Sheffield is a contemporary 2 piece corner toilet...
  • FUNCTIONAL DIMENSIONS - Our Elongated bowl Corner Toilet measures 32.25...
  • WATER-SAVING DUAL FLUSH MECHANISM - Featuring a Push button dual flush...

Founded in 1978, Renovator’s Supply is an expert at manufacturing bathroom hardware and furniture. The Renovator’s Supply Sheffield Corner two-piece is a heavy-duty toilet.

The construction of this triangle toilet is enough to vouch for its durability and strength. It is made from stainless steel and porcelain, two of the best materials for a toilet. Furthermore, it also has different certifications including CUPC, ANSI, and ADA. The vitreous china in this hardware ensures that the toilet looks sleek and shiny.

Measuring 33.75 x 19 x 32.25 inches and weighing 46.5 pounds, this toilet will nicely fit in a corner of your bathroom, leaving you sufficient floor space. This one has an elongated toilet bowl and although a rounded bowl takes a bit less space than an elongated one, it might not be as comfortable. Therefore, this toilet tank width will allow the user to sit easily on the toilet seat. So if comfort is your top priority, this is a good choice of a design. This two-piece design is also quite easy to clean due to its two-piece construction.

This toilet, with its dual flush, utilizes only a mere 0.8 gallons of water when lightly flushed. This is a highly water-efficient gallons per flush rate when compared to other top corner toilets. It is estimated that this product saves a family of four around 25,000 gallons per year. That being said, the full flush takes 1.6 GPF and no source of power is required for this toilet.

Another thing users like about this small bathroom toilet is how easy to assemble it is. One of the main difficulties after buying such toilets is the installation process but the guide with this product makes the process very smooth. In addition to this, this model has a tri-bevel pattern at the bottom which adds to its stylish design.


Renovator’s Supply Troyt Compact Corner Bathroom

Renovators Supply Troyt Compact Corner...
  • DURABLE MATERIAL - Troyt is a contemporary 2 piece corner toilet made of...
  • FUNCTIONAL DIMENSIONS - Our Round bowl Corner Toilet offers spacious...
  • WATER-SAVING DUAL FLUSH MECHANISM - Featuring a Push button dual flush...

Another contender for the best corner toilet is the Renovator’s Supply Troyt Compact Corner Bathroom. It comes in white color and has a porcelain structure. This means that it is both – modern-looking and sturdy. Not only is this heavy-duty body strain resistant but it also prevents the surface from forming any scratches.

The dimensions of this high-performance toilet are 30 x 17.25 x 29 inches with a weight of only 38.6 pounds. This is two-piece hardware with a toilet bowl and a triangle-shaped tank. This compact design and careful projection from the wall give you a compact toilet with enough room to sit comfortably.

If you’re looking for a design at a very affordable rate, you can consider this model since it is smaller than most options on our list and also less expensive, owing to its rounded bowl. The toilet seat is not of the highest quality either but for such a low price, this option works very well for extremely tiny bathrooms. The design is also quite elegant and eye-catching so there’s really no true downside to this option.

Being both ANSI and WaterSense compliant, this model has two flushing options. The 0.8 gallons per flush is for when the push button is lightly pressed and for the high option, you’ll get 1.6 GPF. This conserves roughly 25,000 gallons of water annually in a four-person household. Don’t overlook this because this can save you a major amount in water bills when put together.

Kindly take note that floor bolts, ring wax, or bolt covers are not included with this product. This model does not require batteries either. Lastly, with its small size and low seat height of 16 inches, this product is meant for a very small bathroom which is mostly used for kids or people with a petite build.


American Standard 270BD001.020 Cadet 3 Corner Toilet

American Standard 270BD001.020 Cadet 3...
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Operating for more than 140 years, American Standard is a well-reputed name in the world of bathroom and kitchen fixtures. The American Standard 270BD001.020 Cadet 3 is a two-piece triangle toilet and is a very popular model of a corner toilet, often hailed as a great ‘combination of style and performance’. This design comes with an ADA-compliant, round bowl which is less expensive than an elongated seat.

Made from vitreous china, this toilet is sturdy, dense, and shiny. The dimensions of this toilet are 32 x 19.25 x 31.5 inches and its weight is 59 pounds. With this height, it is ideal for tall people. Designed in white with a finish of the same color, this toilet will look good in almost any bathroom but will particularly go well with white or black interior.

Also, the American Standard Cadet 3 toilet comes with the well sought after EverClean surface. Not only does this give a very sleek finish and smooth surface to the toilet seat but it also ensures that it stays free of any germs, mold, or mildew. This feature becomes even more useful when the toilet is regularly used by different people.

However, space-saving and an EverClean surface aren’t the only highlights of this model. The American Standard Cadet 3 has a very powerful flush system. It has a 3-inch flush valve that quickly fills the entire bowl with rushing water when the push button is pressed. Despite its high flushing power, this model only utilizes 1.6 gallons per flush which is considered very water-efficient. Thus, this is a particularly good choice if you live in an area with water availability issues.

Additionally, no batteries are required to operate this toilet. Users also praise the smart flush which requires a light and soft push only. With a tank and a bowl, it is relatively easier to install than many other similar toilets. Lastly, it is very easy to clean this small corner toilet, since it is made from vitreous china, so it won’t take any serious time.


Magnus Home Products Lawen Corner Toilet

No products found.

Save space in your bathroom with the Magnus Home Products Lawen Corner Toilet which weighs a 100 pounds and measures 18 x 35 x 29 inches. This design has two pieces that can be separated.

With 12-inches rough-in, this model has a 15 3/8 inches height from the floor to the bowl which can fit well in low parts of the house. This is also the right height for kids and short people. You can also place it in those small and narrow parts of your house where a standard toilet just cannot be installed or used comfortably.

This product has a seat included with it which is made from plastic. Therefore, lifting and soft closing of the seat would be quite easy. The rest of the construction, however, is of vitreous china, like most other products reviewed here. The toilet bowl is rounded and hence, takes up much less space than an elongated seat.

This design has a chrome flush valve on the side, pressing which leads to a flow of 1.6 gallons water in a single flush. This GPF works well for most toilets, whether they come with rounded or elongated bowls.

It would be helpful for you to know in advance that the assembly of this design might be a bit time-consuming. However, if you know your way around the installation, it won’t pose any problem. Last but not the least, this design looks very trendy and modern placed inside a compact space.


Buying Guide for a Corner Toilet

To help you make an informed decision when making your purchase, we have compiled a list of various features of a corner toilet that matter the most.


You need to carefully consider the width, height, and length of a corner toilet before buying it for your room. More than standard or wall hung toilets, getting the dimensions right is essential for a corner toilet because if it isn’t the right size for your corners, it won’t look good installed in your bathroom elsewhere, unlike other types of toilets which can be moved around and fixed in other locations.

Apart from this, keep in mind other space and design requirements of your bathroom. For example, if you plan to have a shower space, laundry basket, bathtub, or other similar items, you need to be certain they will fit well with the size of toilet you are buying. If you’d prefer to stick with a traditional toilet, see our review of the best options here.

EPA Replacing inefficient toilets with watersense models can save 13,000 gallons per year saving more than $140 per year in water

Water Usage

This is one of the most important features to consider when getting any kind of a toilet. The water usage affects the efficiency of a toilet as well as its operating cost. Although the ideal toilet should save water when flushing, it should do so while flushing the waste completely in one go.

1.6 gallons of water per flush is considered a very efficient figure in the latest corner toilets. However, you can even get toilets that have a very efficient water usage and take only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Such toilets come with a ‘WaterSense’ label. Although this difference might seem minute for a single flush, over time it can lead to a large amount of water and bill money in terms of difference.


Corner toilets are already more complicated to install than standard toilets, so you should do yourself a favor and ensure the toilet you choose isn’t too tricky to install.

Bowl Shape

There are two primary toilet bowl shapes: elongated and round. The elongated shape is preferred for comfort and is more ergonomically designed. Although the space a rounded and an elongated seat take may vary from model to model, elongated bowls are generally more spacious. You may even find a square-shaped toilet bowl, though it is not very common, which can be a unique choice if you are looking to enhance the interior of your bathroom.

Flushing Mechanism / Gallons Per Flush

One of the most critical parts of a toilet design is its flushing mechanism. Make sure that the toilet you choose has a powerful enough flush to clear all waste and drain the water completely. Some of these toilets also come with dual-flush which even helps conserve water.

Seat Height

If convenient, select the seat height according to the people who would be using the toilet for the most part. For adults and individuals with a tall height, higher seats are more comfortable. Go for a lower seat if the toilet is meant for use by kids or people with a small build and stature.


No matter how unique, stylish, or compact a toilet is, it’s not very useful unless it has a durable and sturdy construction. Vitreous china is one example of a durable material. When gauging the material of the product, apart from durability, also consider how comfortable the user would be sitting on a seat made from that material. The construction can also include additives that keep the seat clean, smooth, and free of mold.


Just because these toilets are not very common and thus, not as widely available as standard toilets, doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on the design and style. After all, how a toilet looks can add to or take away from the overall look of your bathroom.

You can get a one-piece or a two-piece toilet and both come in various styles and varieties. You can count on finding one which suits your preferences. While white is the most common color for corner toilets, it isn’t difficult to find a colored toilet if you have a different aesthetic in mind. Moreover, many corner toilets are smartly and ergonomically designed to increase the user’s comfort.

Additional Features

Various corner toilets have additional design features like a special finish, such as EverClean and Reno-Glass. These are for increased cleanliness since they keep the toilet bacteria and stain-free. This can be a particularly useful feature if multiple people share a bathroom.

Lastly, see if the manufacturer provides any kind of warranty for the toilet. This can come in handy if a fault occurs in your toilet or if you need to replace some part of it.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main types of a corner toilet?

These toilets either come as a single, one-piece, or as two-piece sanitary hardware.

Does a corner toilet take less space than a regular one?

Yes, it does, because you don’t have to actively make space for legroom since there are rarely any obstacles in front of a wall corner.

How much space is needed for a corner toilet?

As a general estimate, there should be at least 15 inches between the toilet and the sidewalls and 24 inches in front of the toilet to let the user sit comfortably.

Can you install a corner toilet in the center of the wall?

Technically, yes. There is no reason why you cannot locate this toilet in the center if there are an existing drain and a water supply connection. It might look a bit awkward but it’ll work perfectly fine.

Will I have to move the main drain to install a corner toilet?

In most of the cases, yes. Even if you just need to slightly move the main drain to accommodate your corner toilet, you will have to change its location. To relocate the main drain, you will need to break open the floor.

What constitutes efficient water usage in gallons per flush for a corner toilet?

1.6 gallons per flush should get the job done well.

What anti-microbial finish is used on toilet surfaces?

EverClean finish is arguably the most popular anti-microbial finish used on a few high-quality toilets.

Can I replace a corner toilet with a standard one?

Possibly, but due to the unavoidable drain movement and the rough-in of both these toilets being different, this may not be possible.

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