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How to Remove and Replace a Toilet

Do you need to remove an old toilet and install a new one? If you prefer to do it yourself, you might want to read the following, as we outline the procedure on how to remove and replace a toilet. Let’s begin.

Removing The Toilet

Before we could proceed with the toilet replacement, you should remove the old toilet if you choose to do this task yourself. When you have bought the new toilet, you can remove the old one. You can make your life easier by removing the tank before the bowl because the toilet can be heavy. See the following for the steps.

  1. Turn the water supply line off before flushing all the water from the toilet tank. Using a sponge, remove the remaining water from the tank.
  2. From the tank, disconnect the line for the water supply. Catch the water remaining in the lines or bowl in a bucket.
  3. On the bottom of the tank, unscrew the nuts before lifting the tank off the bowl.
  4. To keep remaining water from sloshing out the bowl, use a solidifier. Alternatively, you can also use a sponge to remove the water. Remove the nuts, which are holding the bowl to the floor. Start lifting the bowl and put it on a trash bag.
  5. You should also remove the old wax rings. You can use a shim or plastic putty knife to get rid of the old wax ring.
  6. Block the sewer gases by stuffing a rug in the hole.
  7. Get rid of excess wax on the top portion of the drainpipe (flange). From the flange, you should also remove the old closet bolts.

Pro Tips

Fix the flange if needed. There are replacement flanges as well as repair kits to repair it. A replacement flange is also available to fit inside a pipe and make a seal.

Remember that the flange should be higher than the finished floor, but it could be low if you’re adding new flooring. On the market, there are available products to create a good seal once the toilet is in position. For example, there are flange spacers and taller wax rings.

The flange spacers will sit on top of the current flange. However, you should create a seal with a silicone between the flange and the spacer before securing such spacer to the sub-flooring. On the other hand, the taller wax rings can be installed similarly like an ordinary wax ring.

Installing The Toilet Bowl

The best toilet is easy to install! Check out the following steps.

You can install new closet bolts through sliding them into the slots to find on the flange. Notice that some of them have nuts or washers that can hold them in position. You should tighten down the nuts or washers to make the installation easier and faster.

If the toilet is rocking, stabilize it using toilet shims that you can install by setting the toilet in place but without the wax ring. You can use these shims to stabilize your toilet and the tape in position. Next, you can remove the bowl to keep installing with the wax ring. When the toilet has been installed, you can cut the excess shims.

On a clean towel, set the new bowl on it. Run a wax ring just under warm water so that it softens. Onto the toilet outlet, you can gently press the ring. Buy a backup wax ring to have something to use if the included wax ring becomes damaged. On the other hand, you can use wax-free rings, which are installed on the flange not on the toilet outlet. A wax-free ring is easier to install and less prone to damage than an ordinary wax ring is.

When the wax ring is installed in place, remove the rug you stuffed on the drain hole. Lower your bowl over the closet bolts. You should try lowering it straight down over the flange to prevent wax ring damage. Press it down on the toilet bowl and check it is aligned with the wall.

Add the cap bases, nuts and washers to the closet bolts in order to secure the toilet. Keep the pressure even by tightening the nuts alternately. You must also see to it that the nuts are firm. However, do not tighten them too much to prevent crack to the bowl. If there is any excess bolt, you can use a hacksaw to cut it. Then, you can snap on the caps.

Installing The Tank

Get the tank and prepare its installation. You can see that the valve assembly is installed. You can flip the tank over in order to set the bolts, which will hold it to the toilet bowl. These bolts should slip into the tank’s slots. To the base, you can install the rubber gasket.

Put the tank in place on the bowl. Start tightening the nuts on the bolts and make them tighter using a wrench. Do not over-tighten them to prevent cracking the toilet. Also, make sure that the tank is level.

Connect the water supply. Once everything is installed, you should check for leaks around the gasket base and supply line. You should tighten the bolts slightly if there is leak. If the problem is not fixed, remove the tank and check that the gasket is properly seated.

For a couple of times, flush the toilet and check around the base. Do you find leaks? The wax ring isn’t making a good seal, so you should buy and install a new one. When done, set the toilet in place evenly. Using a screwdriver, install the seat and then set the top on the tank.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to remove and replace a toilet yourself will save you money because you don’t need a pro to do it for you. However, follow the steps thoroughly to ensure you’re removing an old and installing a new toilet properly.

Refer to these steps and learn how to remove and replace a toilet yourself. Do you think someone needs this guide? Share it on social media today!

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