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Is Toilet Water Clean?

Many people have a rule of thumb that tells them the toilet is clean if the water coming out looks clear. This is often assumed to be an indication that toilet water is usable.

A study conducted by researchers in Australia showed this assumption to not always be true, however, as TOTO corporation found traces of bacteria through an analysis of samples taken from nine different toilets.

Bacteria, which may include E. coli, have been known to wash away in the water, and that it is often acceptable for a human to submerge his or her hands in the tap water after washing their bottom.

In the U.S., this practice is common but not recommended, unless soap or other cleaners were used while washing. The surface of a toilet bowl can harbor viruses and disease-causing bacteria because of its proximity to bodily fluids that are infected with germs. In this article, we are going to look closely at how clean toilet water really is.

Is Toilet Water Clean?

Toilet water is not always safe to use for washing hands or face with. This is because it may contain a number of harmful bacteria that can potentially cause illness if ingested.

The toilet water comes in contact with sewage that includes human waste. Toilet water obviously does not look the same as drinking water, but is it safe for other uses? This has been a question asked by many people, especially those who are faced with situations where they need to drink/ use the water to wash.

How dirty is the water in the toilet bowl?

The toilet water does look too clean to the naked eye but is filled with a lot of bacteria and germs.

It has now been proven that toilet water is not as clean as you might have thought and it may become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can cause health problems and even serious complications if ingested.

The toilet water contains harmful viruses and disease-causing germs that may only be seen under a microscope. The amount of germs and bacteria depends on the number of people who use the bathroom.

The main reason why toilet water is not safe for drinking purposes is that it does not contain any chemicals to keep the germs and bacteria from growing. The toilet water only contains germs and bacteria that are found in human waste so a lot of them can be found in the toilet bowl.

When toilets are flushed, these germs do not all get washed down, but some of the particles settle on the surface of the water which makes it look clear when you see it at the bathtub or faucet.

Is toilet water clean to drink?

No, toilet water is not clean to drink but with some filtration and purification, it may be safe.

You shouldn’t drink water in the toilet bowl because of the risk of getting sick. This is why most bathrooms have a separate tap meant for drinking water and one for flushing.

What you need to do when in a situation where you need to drink toilet water is to filter it and purify it first before using it for washing or drinking. An all-in-one water filter pitcher can be used or else you can boil it if possible.

The toilet water needs to be boiled before you use it for washing or drinking. Boiling the water for about 3-5 minutes will kill all viruses and germs that may be found in the toilet water.

What happens if you put your hand in toilet water?

A small amount of bacterial will come in contact with your skin but nothing will happen to your hand. You can get bacteria all over your hand by shaking hands, touching doorknobs, touching money, and much more.

So the water in your toilet bowl may not have as much harmful bacteria as you thought it did, but water isn’t all that’s in the bowl. Bacteria, which may include E. coli, have been known to wash away in the water, it’s a great idea to put your hand in toilet water.

How to keep toilet water clean

How to get rid of bacteria in the toilet? You can use vinegar to clean the toilet bowl if it’s too dirty. Soak a clean cloth in the vinegar and rub it on the surface of your toilet bowl.

The most effective way to keep a toilet bowl cleaner is by using a bleach-based cleaner. It will help you get rid of all the germs and bacteria that may be found in your toilet water.

Kills 99.9% of germs Removes Vibrio and other unpleasant odors Safe for all surfaces as it is suitable for septic tanks Alcohol and toilet water don’t mix well. The alcohol will indeed kill the germs in the toilet water, but it may also cause burns to your skin and damage the toilet bowl.


We should be careful using the toilet water for anything but flushing. The toilet water may not be as harmful as you have been led to believe, but it doesn’t mean it’s safe to use on your body or in your mouth.

E. coli is one of the most common types of bacteria found in the intestines of humans and other animals. Most strains are harmless to people, but some varieties can cause severe food poisoning in some individuals, and other strains can cause serious bloodstream infections.

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