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Do Toilet Seat Covers Work?

I came across an article on Quora that said “Do toilet seat covers work?” and I was both a little intrigued and surprised by it. Quora is a question-and-answer website, so the article was meant to address an actual question that someone had asked.

At first, I only checked out the first few responses but it got me thinking about whether or not toilet seat covers were a legitimate method of preventing germs. So I decided to write an article that addresses if toilet seat covers really work.

What are toilet seat covers?

For those who don’t know what toilet seat covers are, they’re basically disposable plastic or foam sheets that snap up on the toilet seat. They’re small enough to be practically invisible so they won’t bother people sitting on the toilet. They are also transparent and thin enough that people can see what’s going on even if they’re on the toilet.

Why use toilet seat covers?

One of the reasons people use toilet seat covers is to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading around the bathroom or in general. I actually have a blog called “The Bathroom” where I talk about how to keep it clean. Basically, if a toilet seat cover is put on correctly, it will prevent germs from getting on your hands. Toilet seat covers are also useful for people who are physically incapable of cleaning their own hands after going to the bathroom.

Do toilet seat covers work?

yes and no, Before I explain, I have to point out that toilet seat covers are not designed to be a permanent method of preventing germs. They’re only meant for public restrooms that don’t get cleaned regularly.

The reason why toilet seat covers don’t work as a permanent solution is because bacteria and germs can easily grow on them if they’re not kept in the right conditions. It’s basically like having a wall between you and the outside world. If you leave the wall open, the bugs will get in.

If you use a toilet seat cover that is kept in the right conditions, some bacteria, germs, and viruses can grow on the toilet seat cover that will eventually be transferred to people who sit on a toilet.

What is the right condition for your toilet seat cover?

The right condition for your toilet seat cover is to keep it dry. If you have a hard time keeping your toilet lid open after using the bathroom, try putting a piece of tissue or paper under the lid. If you’re worried about germs coming from the actual toilet seat, try cleaning it more often. I don’t think anyone actually sits on a toilet seat without using toilet paper so germs will rarely come from the seat itself.

Do toilet seat covers spread more germs?

If you ask me, toilet seat covers aren’t a very good solution as most people who purchase them don’t know how to use them correctly. I’ve read tons of reviews and tried some covers myself, and most of them seem pretty useless. One review I read described it as “cheap plastic that didn’t even fit properly.” Another review said “you’ll probably need to put it on more than once before it actually does what it’s supposed to do.” Many people also disagree with this statement.

When should you use a toilet seat cover?

There are many situations where you should use a toilet seat cover. If you have kids who normally run around the bathroom, a toilet seat cover will probably be a good idea. Another situation where toilet seat covers should be used is if someone with a cold or the flu uses the bathroom.

You might want to put a toilet seat cover on if you’re not sure if the people using the bathroom were actually sick or not. Remember that there are several different types of bacteria and germs so they don’t all spread in the same way.

Final Thoughts

Toilets are notorious for creating an easy path for people to catch things and spread them around. This is especially true in public bathrooms. If you have a hard time keeping your toilet lid open after using it, try placing a piece of tissue or paper under the lid to keep germs away.

However, you should still avoid putting toilet seat covers on public toilets unless you really know what you’re doing. You might want to have your own private bathroom with running water just in case someone needs it and will use it.

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